About Us

About MoryEng

MoryEng has been committed to providing the ultimate services and solutions for every client’s engineering, manufacturing, and packaging needs. Excellent customer service and life-long partnerships are what we stand for and continue to grow with our clients, consistently maintaining the highest performance standards. MoryEng was established in 2006 as a prominent Canadian distributor of industrial and packaging supplies.

MoryEng engineering team specializes in equipment layout and process piping for manufacturing plants, including professional 3D model renderings. Our design goals are based on process improvement and cost reduction.

Company Values

With input from all employees, MoryEng’s official core values were finalized and introduced to the company in April 2018. These values will continue to guide the company culture internally and externally. By establishing an excellent culture, we can make MoryEng a great company for employees and customers alike.  


We are clear and direct communicators. Our interactions are most effective when we are transparent with each other.


Our passion for our work is what drives us. It fuels our determination to go “above and beyond.”


Improving and expanding our knowledge base facilitates our personal growth and enhances our ability to adapt to whatever changes might come our way.

Beer box


We are respectful in all matters. It starts with being open minded and taking the time to truly understand one another.


Each of us takes initiative, fulfills our responsibilities and accept accountability for our actions.


We leverage the strength of the team to achieve more than individually possible. Reliability and dependability are key to achieving our goals.