Sustainability is in Our Nature

At MoryEng, we deeply acknowledge the profound impact that packaging and materials have on our planet’s environment. Consequently, our steadfast commitment revolves around offering innovative packaging solutions that not only meet our clients’ performance expectations but also serve as a driving force in achieving and surpassing their sustainability goals.

Our approach to sustainability transcends the mere provision of eco-friendly products; it is an intrinsic part of our organizational DNA, characterized by an unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and cutting-edge innovations that propel sustainability to new heights. Allow us to shed light on the diverse ways in which MoryEng champions sustainability.

MoryEng is synonymous with sustainability, having forged a strong reputation and trust with our partners and customers who value and resonate with our unwavering commitment to environmental preservation. Our enduring relationships with clients and partners are a testament to our relentless pursuit of sustainability. For us, sustainability isn’t an occasional endeavor; it’s a fundamental principle deeply embedded in our business model. It’s systematic, structured, and seamlessly integrated into our daily operations. Our practices are driven by eco-efficiency, with a keen focus on waste reduction, while instilling a mindset of eco-consciousness among our partners through our innovative solutions.

We have formed meaningful partnerships with major players in the food industry, including restaurant chains and grocery outlets, all of whom have substantial packaging requirements. Our mission is to meet these challenges head-on through an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Simultaneously, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our clients, demonstrating our steadfast dedication to environmental conservation. At MoryEng, we actively work to mitigate any activities that could have detrimental environmental effects. Our sustainable manufacturing processes not only minimize negative impacts but also contribute positively to society, the environment, and the economy – a driving force that motivates us daily.

Sustainable Packaging Products

MoryEng’s partially recycled corrugated packaging solutions provide customers with a genuinely eco-friendly packaging choice. In contrast to paper packaging derived from fresh wood fibers, opting for recycled packaging not only preserves forests but also conserves water, energy, and mitigates greenhouse gas emissions.

In line with our dedication to environmental sustainability, MoryEng’s paper mills produce partially recycled paper for the creation of corrugated packaging items. We incorporate virgin pulp partially into our production process, utilizing raw materials sourced from recycled cardboard boxes. Our operations adhere to a comprehensive integrated protocol.


How Sustainable is Your Packaging?

The decisions you make regarding packaging have far-reaching consequences for our environment. Opting for partially recycled corrugated packaging products is a conscious step towards minimizing your overall environmental footprint. When you opt for recycled corrugated over virgin paper alternatives, you contribute to a reduction in the harvesting of mature trees. This, in turn, has a positive impact on vital environmental aspects such as water and energy conservation while diverting packaging waste away from landfills.

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Sustainability Through Innovation

Innovation is the key to progress, and at MoryEng, it’s a fundamental pillar of our philosophy. Our team is in a perpetual quest for ways to innovate and enhance our processes, designs, systems, and, most importantly, our products.

Through our commitment to innovation, we have made a substantial impact on our corporate sustainability, enabling our customers to meet their environmental goals. Our SmartCorr high-performance lightweight recycled paper stands as a testament to MoryEng’s innovation driving sustainability.

Every new concept and innovation we conceive is imbued with sustainability at its core. We consistently prioritize ideas that rank high on the sustainability scale. Our actions and initiatives are geared towards leaving a greener planet in our wake. As pioneers in the market, we are at the forefront of delivering sustainable solutions, with a dual focus on enhancing operational efficiency while concurrently reducing our carbon footprint and waste generation.

Sustainable Design

Corrugated packaging is versatile and allows each package to be specifically engineered to maximize performance and merchandising throughout its supply chain while minimizing material and its carbon footprint.

Our experienced structural design team is skilled at designing packaging that is efficient, while meeting our customers’ performance specifications. We work with our customers early in the design process, developing ideas that make sense and designing reusable packaging whenever possible.

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Company Values

With input from all employees, MoryEng’s official core values were finalized and introduced to the company in April 2018. These values will continue to guide the company culture internally and externally. By establishing an excellent culture, we can make MoryEng a a great company for employees and customers alike.


We are clear and direct communicators. Our interactions are most effective when we are transparent with each other.


Our passion for our work is what drives us. It fuels our determination to go “above and beyond.”


Improving and expanding our knowledge base facilitates our personal growth and enhances our ability to adapt to whatever changes might come our way.

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We are respectful in all matters. It starts with being open minded and taking the time to truly understand one another.


Each of us takes initiative, fulfills our responsibilities and accept accountability for our actions.


We leverage the strength of the team to achieve more than individually possible. Reliability and dependability are key to achieving our goals.